Playing Yammi!

It is best to start learning about healthy eating habits/exercise as early as possible. The foundations for one's later years are laid at a young age. Yammi primarily aims at kids aged 5 and older, but the easiest version can definitely by played by younger children.

There are four different game formulas in total, ordered by level of difficulty: Bingo, Memory, Memory with points and Memory with recipe cards. All the formulas are suitable for 2 to 4 players or teams and are preferably played with supervision.

The manual lists the game rules, proposed age, duration, educational objectives and the items required per game formula. Please note that variations are possible within the game formulas, so be creative!

In addition to an explanation of the game rules, the manual also contains lots of food facts for the kids and tips and tricks about how to let them make healthy choices.

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Watch the video for a short overview of the game formulas.

Contents of the box:
1 manual
1 table cloth (game board)
4 place mats
8 recipe cards
8 golden Yammis
8 exercise Yammis
64 Yammis with items from the different food groups